About Us

If you are looking for an honest, reliable auto repair shop in Topeka, KS, Crossroads Automotive is the mechanic for you. Unlike some mechanics, we aim to treat every customer like the most important customer. Whether you are coming in for an oil change or engine repair, the moment you walk through our door you become our priority. Every mechanic on our team is an ASE Certified technician. That means that you can count on the fact that your vehicle will be serviced and repaired correctly the first time.

Crossroads Automotive wants to take the pain out of your auto repair experience and make it as easy as possible. We understand the frustration that comes with having your vehicle in the shop and the fear that you will be overcharged or receive repairs you don’t actually need. At Crossroads Automotive, we treat you as a valued customer, not a dollar amount.

For all of your auto repair and service needs, Crossroads Automotive has the answers. Our state of the art repair facility is equipped with all the latest tools and technology. If you are tired of being taken for a ride by your mechanic or service center, call us today to schedule an appointment.


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