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brake repair

When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes it just isn’t worth putting off brake service or repair. After all, this system is one of the most crucial to your vehicle in terms of safety. When you are behind the wheel and put your foot on the brake pedal, you expect the vehicle to come to a stop. Putting off brake service or repair will greatly compromise this process. It is because of this that Crossroads Automotive has made it a point to offer the best brake repair service in Topeka and the surrounding areas.

Brake Service Topeka

Your vehicle’s brakes and the braking system should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis by an ASE Certified technician like those at Crossroads Automotive. During your Topeka brake service, our experts will perform a thorough inspection of your system including your brake fluid. If your brake fluid shows signs of contamination from rust and debris, we will perform a flush and replacement brake fluid service.

Brake Pad Replacement

Your brake pads play a major role in your braking system, but with all that pressure, they wear out over time and with repeated use. The lifespan of your brake pads depends on the type of pads you have and your personal braking habits. But one thing is the same for all vehicles, you absolutely must replace your brake pads on time. While vehicles have brake pad wear indicators, it is best to not wait until your brakes are making noise to have them replaced. When you have your brakes inspected by Crossroads Automotive, we will take a deep look at your brake pads inspecting for accelerated wear so we can give you a better idea of when you need to schedule your brake pad replacement.

Brake Repair Near Me

When you are looking for the best brake repair in Topeka, Crossroads Automotive is exactly what you are looking for. Not only is our team of technicians made up of only ASE Certified mechanics, but we are so confident in the repair work we provide that we offer a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. When you come into our shop we treat you like a person and not simply a possible repair bill. We never recommend repairs that you don’t need and focus on the quality of our work. If you are looking for an auto repair shop that is dedicated to your satisfaction, Crossroads Automotive is the mechanic for you.

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